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Alchemy allows the player to use stones and essences to create materials. Ingredients come in five different grades; F, D, C, B and A - just like materials. To perform Alchemy, the player must talk to the Alchemist.

Operation Modes[]

Combine Mode[]

In Combine Mode, stones can be selected on one menu and essences on the other. The combination result, along with it's grade, can be viewed before creating it. The grade of the material will be the average of the stone and the essence, rounding up. For example, a Grade A stone combined with a Grade C essence will yield a Grade B material, while a Grade A stone combined with a Grade B essence will yield a Grade A material.

Seperate Mode[]

Obsolete.png This section describes content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in older versions of Magicmaker.

In Seperate Mode, a material to be split must be selected. The stone and essence resulting from the split could be viewed before splitting the material, and the resulting ingredients would have the same grade as the selected material. There is no other cost for Alchemy, so it was infinitely possible to combine essences and stones as well as seperate materials.