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Bouncy Ball
Bouncy Ball
Alchemy Properties Essence of Yellow + Stone of Earth
Robe Effect While crouching, you bounce off surfaces.
Spell Effect Bounces off walls.
Internal Values ID: #7

The Bouncy Ball is a material. The game states that "This curious object bounces unusually high when dropped. Commonly marketed as a novelty."



Description: While crouching, you bounce off surfaces.

While crouching and in mid-air, the player gains the Bouncy status effect, enabling the player to bounce off floors and ceilings. If the player is being knocked back by spells with the Repulsor Energy material, the player will also be able to bounce off vertical walls.

Tip: Holding the jump key while bouncing on the floor will gradually increase the player's bounce height up to a certain point depending on Elasticity.
  • The first Bouncy Ball slotted will grant an additional +70% of Elasticity.
  • F Level:
Elasticity: +5%
  • D Level:
Elasticity: +10%
  • C Level:
Elasticity: +15%
  • B Level:
Elasticity: +20%
  • A Level:
Elasticity: +25%

The maximum elasticity is 95%, which can be achieved by slotting 1 Grade A Bouncy Ball onto the robe.


Description: Bounces off walls.

Whenever the spell's projectile bounces off of a wall, its lifetime is also increased back to max if it was below the maximum lifetime (1 second by default) except for spells and wands with the Optic Lens material.

  • The first Bouncy Ball slotted will grant an additional +1 Maximum bounces.
  • F Level:
Maximum bounces: +1
  • D Level:
Maximum bounces: +2
  • C Level:
Maximum bounces: +3
  • B Level:
Maximum bounces: +4
  • A Level:
Maximum bounces: +5