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Cavern Zone
Cavern Zone
Difficulty Light Level Ice Spike Damage
Associates 10 2 per second
Bachelors 8 4 per second
Masters 7 6 per second
Doctorate 5 8 per second

The Cavern Zone is one of the five zones that the player encounters, accessible via a portal at the basement of the Dörwall Community College's left tower, beyond the ice tiles which the player must destroy to gain access. Mobs such as Giant Snowballs, Ice Gargoyles, Antimagic Crystals and Yetis are native to this zone.

Unlike most zones, the level's structure focuses more on verticality rather than being horizontal. The boss room is always spawned near the bottom of the level. Additionally, most areas of the zone are covered in ice tiles, which need to be destroyed for the player to navigate though. Fire Crystal spells, due to their spreading nature, can be used to destroy a lot of connected ice tiles at once.

Zone-Specific Quests

  • The Crystals of MacGuffin
  • Equal Rites
  • Breaking Bedazzle
  • Pain and Panic

Zone-Specific Artifacts