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Desert Zone
Desert Zone
Difficulty Light Level Sandstorm Cooldown Sandstorm Damage
Associates 10 infinite N/A
Bachelors 10 10s to 20s 2 per second
Masters 10 5s to 15s 5 per second
Doctorate 10 5s to 15s 10 per second

The Desert Zone is one of the five zones that the player encounters, accessible via a portal to the right of the Dörwall Community College. Mobs such as Lamias, Harpies, Salamanders and Antlions are native to this zone.

All indoor areas of the zone are covered in darkness while the player is not in an indoor area. Rainbow Prism spells and all other light sources do not remove this darkness.

On Bachelors difficulty and above, sandstorms will occur periodically. All sandstorms last for 2 to 8 seconds before dissipating. If the player is not in an indoor area and a sandstorm is about to occur, a warning is displayed on the HUD, urging the player to get indoors. The player will rapidly take damage from sandstorms while outside.

Zone-Specific Quests[]

  • Proof Humans Can Work Magic
  • A Stranger Traveling From the East
  • A Particularly Refined Art
  • Forged In the Fiery Breath

Zone-Specific Artifacts[]