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Forest Zone
Forest Zone
Difficulty Light Level Bee Hives Wind Gusts Wooden Debris
Associates 10 No No No
Bachelors 9 Yes No No
Masters 8 Yes Yes No
Doctorate 7 Yes Yes Yes

The Forest Zone is the first Zone encountered by the player, accessible in the treasure level of the Dörwall Community College Aptitude Test and in the Dörwall Community College. Entities such as Fairies, Goblins, Turret Flowers, Leaf Piles and Golems are native to this zone. In Bachelors difficulty and above, Bee Hives also spawn.

Wind gusts will appear in Masters and Doctorate difficulties, except wooden debris will also be present on the latter. Gusts occur for 3 to 7 seconds, with a rest time of 5 to 15 seconds between gusts. Wooden debris have 10 health and deal 10 damage on contact.

Zone-Specific Quests[]

  • Get Lost!
  • Burning Vengeance
  • Make Like a Tree and...
  • Treasure Hunt!
  • Bonus Mission: Long Live the Queen!

Zone-Specific Artifacts[]