Magicmaker Wiki

Materials are used for customizing and improving the player's wand, spells, and robe. Materials can be obtained from chests and enemies or crafted from stones and essences using alchemy.

At the start of the game, the player usually starts with 6 materials unlocked, which are the Explosive Powder, Fire Crystal, Lightning Rod, Rock, Trick Bullet and Quicksilver Gear. However, this number may be lower if the player does not find at least one of all 6 in the chests at the end of the Dörwall Community College Aptitude Test. For every mission completed, an additional three materials are unlocked for the player, in ascending order based on the material's number. This is capped at 15 in the demo version of the game.

Each material also has an associated internal name, always ending with the "_MAT" prefix. These names are commonly used for quest definitions.

Material Alchemy Properties Material No. Effect on Spells & Wands Effect on Robes
Artichoke Earth, Pink 44 Spells have a chance to critically hit. Allows you to temporarily heal beyond your maxhp. Extra hp slowly decays.
Bouncy Ball Earth, Yellow 7 Bounces off walls. While crouching, you bounce off surfaces.
Caustic Ichor Water, Black 37 On hit, enemies take increased damage from the next spell. Periodically marks a nearby enemy, increasing the damage you deal to it.
Chaos Butterfly Fire, Black 40 Randomly changes direction, increasing spellpower each time. Randomly boosts damage, defenses, or movement speed.
Crystal Ball Energy, Yellow 2 Projectiles home in on the nearest enemy. Points to the nearest loot.
Diamond Earth, Purple 15 Penetrates through multiple enemies. Immune to knockback while standing still. Reduces knockback while moving.
Ectoplasm Energy, Orange 10 Restores mana on kill with direct damage. Increases mana cost. Increases maximum mana.
Evercold Ice Water, White 8 Slows enemy movements and attacks on hit. Creates a damage-absorbing shield. Shield regenerates if no damage is taken for some time.
Explosive Powder Water, Red 3 Explodes on hit, damaging and applying effects to nearby enemies (falls off with distance). If killed, you explode after a delay. If the explosion kills an enemy, you are revived.
Extract of Monday Water, Pink 43 Projectiles start slow and weak but speed up and increase spellpower. A rain cloud follows you and damages enemies.
Fairy Wing Water, Green 12 Increases rate of fire at reduced damage. Allows you to jump several times while mid-air.
Fire Crystal Fire, Red 27 Ignites enemies on contact, dealing damage over time. Fire can spread to nearby foes. Leaves a burning trail on the ground you walk on.
Green Belt Air, Pink 42 Every third hit on a target deals bonus damage. After running a distance, movespeed is boosted and an explosion triggers when you stop.
Guillotine Blade Fire, Purple 26 Instantly destroys low health enemies when their execution buildup exceeds their current hp. Increases maximum health.
Harpy Feather Air, Blue 5 Enemies hit are knocked back. They take damage if knocked into terrain. Reduces fall speed. This effect can be disabled by crouching.
Illusion Dust Air, Green 1 Shoots multiple projectiles at reduced spellpower. Every few spellcasts, your spell will be cast twice.
Lightning Rod Energy, Green 4 Shocks on hit, damaging the nearest enemy. Walking builds up an energy shield that destroys enemy projectiles.
Magic Boomerang Air, Yellow 22 On hit, returns a boomerang the refunds mana if caught. Charges a shield that knocks away enemies.
Miniature Sun Air, Red 35 Projectiles have a damaging aura. Nearby enemies take damage.
Necrom-nomicon Energy, Purple 29 Summons a minion ally on projectile expiration. A flock of crows follows you and attacks enemies.
Ninja Sword Earth, Red 14 Performs a melee attack instead, dealing sharply increased damage. Dash by double tapping A or D. Dashing through enemies will damage them.
Noxious Spore Air, Purple 25 Poisons on hit. Poison intensity stacks with multiple hits. You leave a damaging poison cloud trail behind you.
One-Sided Coin Energy, Pink 41 Curses the enemy on hit, causing them to explode on death. Curse grows stronger with each hit. Charges a shield that grants immunity to negative status effects.
Optic Lens Energy, Red 6 Fires a laser instead of a projectile. Casts a beam of light in the direction you are facing.
Owlbear Trap Air, White 39 Sets a trap on expiration. Traps apply their effects to enemies on contact. Reduces incoming damage while standing still.
Philospher Stone Air, Orange 13 Consumes extra mana to boost spellpower. A percentage of incoming damage is taken from mana instead of health.
Quicksilver Gear Water, Blue 16 Causes projectiles to travel faster. Increases movespeed.
Quiver Fire, Pink 45 Uses ammunition, instead of mana. Ammo can be retrieved after used. Creates a shield that negates all damage. Shield only recharges on starting a new level.
Rainbow Prism Energy, White 33 Projectiles illuminate darkness and reveal minimap. Increases spellpower. Increases sight radius in darkness.
Repulsor Energy Energy, Blue 23 Knocks you backwards when cast due to increased spellpower. Increases the power of your next spell after taking damage.
Rift Crystal Fire, Blue 24 Teleports you towards the cursor when cast. Has a chance to ignore damage taken.
Rock Earth, Black 19 Can pass through walls for a limited time. Creates a shockwave when landing, damaging nearby enemies on the ground.
Rune Fire, Orange 11 Enemies hit drop mana-restoring crystals on death. This effect stacks per hit. When you cast a spell, mana costs are reduced for a time.
Seashell Fire, Green 18 Splits into multiple projectiles after some time. When taking damage, you explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Shade Spirit Energy, Black 38 Charms enemies when their control buildup exceeds their current health. Grants invisibility if you have not cast a spell or taken damage in some time.
Siren's Seafoam Earth, White 17 Projectile travels in a wave pattern, reducing mana cost. Charges a shield that reflects enemy projectiles.
Soul Contract Earth, Orange 31 Consumes health instead of mana for increased spellpower. While at low health, you rapidly recover mana.
Spider Silk Air, Black 30 Leaves a trail behind that persists for some time. Creates a trail of illusion clones that damage enemies on collision.
Sticky Slime Water, Yellow 21 Projectiles cling to walls upon collision. Allows you to walk on walls. Disabled by jumping.
Sundial Earth, Blue 36 Hastes on cast, temporarily increasing movement and spellcast speed. At low health, time slow. 30 second cooldown.
Tonna Bricks Fire, Yellow 20 Projectiles obey gravity and have increased spellpower. Increases spell damage while standing still.
Trick Bullet Earth, Green 34 Ricochets towards the nearest enemy on hit. Boosts self-knockback distance on spellcast.
Vacuum Cleaner Fire, White 32 Pulls enemies and loot towards the projectile. Enemies take damage if knocked into terrain. Pulls nearby loot to you.
Vampire Tooth Water, Orange 9 Recovers health on kill with direct damage. Boosts all healing effects.
Vulcan Wrench Water, Purple 28 Creates a turret that fires copies of the spell. Cannot be cast again until turret is done firing. A turret ally periodically shoots at nearby enemies.