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Many measurements of length in Magicmaker are in terms of magicmeters. 1 magicmeter is equivalent to the side length of 1 tile. The length of 1 tile never changes even when the screen resolution is changed, therefore 1 magicmeter is also equivalent to 32 pixels.


Gravitational acceleration: 40 magicmeters per second squared (40 magicmeters/s2)

Gravity does not affect terrain tiles, player projectiles and enemy projectiles (except for spells with the Tonna Bricks material), Quiver arrow pickups and enemies that have the ability to fly.

Spell Projectiles[]

Projectile speed: 20 magicmeters per second

This statistic can by altered by materials such as the Extract of Monday and Quicksilver Gear.

Projectile lifetime: 1 second

This statistic can by altered by materials such as the Extract of Monday, Ninja Sword, Optic Lens, Owlbear Trap and Spider Silk, though it can also be refreshed by materials such as the Bouncy Ball, Diamond, Seashell, Sticky Slime and Trick Bullet.

The Player[]

Movespeed: 10 magicmeters per second

This statistic can be altered by the Quicksilver Gear material and the Haste, Slow, Fast Movement and Slow Movement status effects.

Jump Height: 1.5 to 5.5 magicmeters

The player can jump higher by pressing and holding Space or the equivalent Jump key.

Possible Spell/Robe Material Combinations:

  • 3 slots: 14,190
  • 4 slots: 148,995
  • 5 slots: 1,221,759‬
  • 6 slots: 8,145,060‬
  • 7 slots: 45,379,620‬

There are a total of 45 materials in the full version of Magicmaker. In the demo version where the player only has 3 slots for 15 materials, the total number of combinations is only 455.


Statistics for each entity are different - see the Entity page for more information.