Optic Lens
Optic Lens.png
Optic Lens
Alchemy Properties Essence of Red + Stone of Energy
Robe Effect Casts a beam of light in the direction you are facing.
Spell Effect Fires a laser instead of a projectile.
Internal Values ID: #6

The Optic Lens is a material. The game describes it as "A device used for focusing light. Despite its monocle-like appearence, do not place in front of eyes."



Description: Casts a beam of light in the direction you are facing.

The "beam" is a 90 degree sector of a circle originating from the player, facing only left or right depending on the player's orientation.

Note that the value of the sight radius, which is measured in magicmeters, is rounded down in UIs. Additionally, due to how light sources work in Magicmaker, the player might be able to see objects beyond the actual sight radius.

  • The first Optic Lens slotted will grant an additional +1.5 Sight Radius.
  • F Level:
Sight Radius: +4
  • D Level:
Sight Radius: +8
  • C Level:
Sight Radius: +12
  • B Level:
Sight Radius: +16
  • A Level:
Sight Radius: +20


Description: Fires a laser instead of a projectile.

The laser by default hits enemies 10 times per second. This can be increased with the Fairy Wing material and Sundial spells.

Additionally, the laser has a default length of only 15 magicmeters. In comparison, non-Optic Lens spells' projectiles can move for 20 magicmeters by default before expiring.

Note: Certain materials act quite differently on beams - see their respective pages for more information on Optic Lens' effects.
  • F Level:
Beam Width: +0.333 magicmeters
  • D Level:
Beam Width: +0.666 magicmeters
  • C Level:
Beam Width: +0.999 magicmeters
  • B Level:
Beam Width: +1.332 magicmeters
  • A Level:
Beam Width: +1.665 magicmeters
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