Owlbear Trap
Owlbear Trap.png
Owlbear Trap
Alchemy Properties Essence of White + Stone of Air
Robe Effect Reduces incoming damage while standing still.
Spell Effect Sets a trap on expiration. Traps apply their effects to enemies on contact.

The Owlbear Trap is a material. The game states that it is "For the consummate hunter that knows a standard bear trap simply will not do."



Description: Reduces incoming damage while standing still.

This material applies the Defense Boost status effect to the player at a rate of 20 per second((Confirm)) until the maximum damage reduction is reached.

Note: This material may not be compatible with other effects that grant the Defense Boost status effect, such as the Chaos Butterfly material.
  • F Level:
Damage Reduction: +15%
  • D Level:
Damage Reduction: +30%
  • C Level:
Damage Reduction: +45%
  • B Level:
Damage Reduction: +60%
  • A Level:
Damage Reduction: +75%

Unlike the Chaos Butterfly, the damage reduction is not capped. This can be used with Bibi's Chaotic Evil Ring to increase damage dealt by the player while still being invulnerable, up to a certain number of kills.


Description: Sets a trap on expiration. Traps apply their effects to enemies on contact.

The fired trap projectile does not collide with enemies. Once it expires due to time or collision with a wall, a static child projectile will take its place, inheriting all effects of the parent projectile, except it can collide with enemies. The Trick Bullet will still cause the parent trap projectile to change direction upon contact, but it never actually collides with any enemies before expiring.

Materials such as the Rainbow Prism and the Miniature Sun's effects still take place on the static trap, creating a persistent light and damage field, respectively. The Diamond on the other hand will allow the static trap to collide with more enemies before expiring.

  • The first Owlbear Trap slotted will grant an additional +2 seconds of Trap lifetime.
  • F Level:
Trap lifetime: +1 second
  • D Level:
Trap lifetime: +2 seconds
  • C Level:
Trap lifetime: +3 seconds
  • B Level:
Trap lifetime: +4 seconds
  • A Level:
Trap lifetime: +5 seconds
Note: Spells and Wands with the Optic Lens material will only place a trap while the spellcast delay is not in effect. Due to this, the rate at which the spell places traps is no different from a non-Optic Lens spell.
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