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Spells are one of the two primary attack methods for the player, the other being wands. The player only has 1 spell at the start of the game, but the Scroll upgrade at the end of the Castle Zone allows the player to carry 2 at once. The Super Scroll upgrade which grants all spells one additional material slot can be found in the Temple Zone.

By default, it costs 15 mana to cast one projectile, which moves at 20 magicmeters per second and deals 100 damage on impact, but only lasts for 1 second. The width of 1 magicmeter is equal to the side length of 1 tile; see Metrics for more information.


The player can specify a spell to be an enchantment while crafting a spell with the Librarian. Enchantment spells deal 0 direct damage but have their base spellpower tripled. This can used with spellpower-boostable materials such as Guillotine Blade and Green Belt to dramatically increase their damage.


Obsolete.png This section describes content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in older versions of Magicmaker.

The player could also specify a spell to be benign while crafting a spell with the Librarian. A benign spell costed less mana to cast, but only had 10% of its base damage and spellpower.

This role appears to have been replaced with the wand in the current version of Magicmaker.