Spider Silk
Spider Silk.png
Spider Silk
Alchemy Properties Essence of Black + Stone of Air
Robe Effect Creates a trail of illusion clones that damage enemies on collision.
Spell Effect Leaves a trail behind that persists for some time.
Internal Values ID: #30

The Spider Silk is a material. The game states that "Its supurb tensile strength makes it durable, and its stickiness makes it impossible to sew with."



Description: Creates a trail of illusion clones that damage enemies on collision.

By default, it takes 2.075 seconds to spawn an illusion clone.

  • F Level:
Clone Timer: -0.075 seconds
  • D Level:
Clone Timer: -0.15 seconds
  • C Level:
Clone Timer: -0.225 seconds
  • B Level:
Clone Timer: -0.3 seconds
  • A Level:
Clone Timer: -0.375 seconds
Warning: This material does not have a minimum clone timer! If the clone timer is 0 seconds or below, illusion clones are created every frame, which can severely impact performance!


Description: Leaves a trail behind that persists for some time.

The trailing projectile always creates 19 static child projectiles, regardless of material count and grade. All child projectiles inherit all effects of the parent projectile except they cannot make Spider Silk trails. All child projectiles will also have 80% less spellpower than their parent projectile.

Tip: The Chaos Butterfly and Crystal Ball materials will cause the child projectiles to not be static upon spawning, unless the Extract of Monday material is present. Additionally, the Chaos Butterfly material can overcome the 80% spellpower reduction.

By default, the child projectiles that form the trail will have a lifetime of only 0.25 seconds. Magicmaker represents this statistic as Trail Duration.

  • F Level:
Trail Duration: +0.25 seconds
  • D Level:
Trail Duration: +0.5 seconds
  • C Level:
Trail Duration: +0.75 seconds
  • B Level:
Trail Duration: +1 second
  • A Level:
Trail Duration: +1.25 seconds
Note: Spells and Wands with the Optic Lens material will cause this material to instead leave a "trap" at the end of the beam every 0.1 seconds, similar to the Owlbear Trap's traps, except all of such "traps" have reduced spellpower.
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