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From left to right: Stone of Earth, Stone of Air, Stone of Fire, Stone of Water and Stone of Energy. Stones on the bottom are the older versions of the above.

Stones are rocks of different elements that can be collected in the various levels and used in Alchemy with Essences to make Materials. Stones come in 5 elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Energy.


Every material has a different combination that requires one essence and one stone. To figure out the respective combination for a certain material, select it within any inventory. Under the material's name, the combination to make it is represented as two icons - the leftmost icon indicates the essence required and the icon to the right of it indicates the stone required.


Essences and stones will never appear in chests. Rather, they are commonly found as item drops from enemies. If the player leaves a level without entering the treasure portal, then proceeds to the hub world, any gems collected by the player will break, yielding essences and stones.


Obsolete.png This section describes content that is no longer in the game.
The individual descriptions of each stone can no longer be viewed in the current version of Magicmaker.

In previous versions of Magicmaker, the game had described each individual stone as shown below:

  • Stone of Earth: A stone that pulses with an earthen energy. Causes nearby plant life to flourish, even in toxic conditions.
  • Stone of Air: A stone that exerts a force on the air. It stirs up a gentle gust around it.
  • Stone of Fire: A stone of elemental fire. Remains warm to the touch, even in the cold.
  • Stone of Water: A stone that has properties of water. It secretes water to constantly remain damp.
  • Stone of Energy: A stone that contains vast amounts of energy. Chipping it releases a violent, explosive force.