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Temple Zone
Temple Zone
Difficulty Light Level Boulder Damage Turret Damage
Associates 10 25 2
Bachelors 9 50 5
Masters 8 100 8
Doctorate 7 200 10

The Temple Zone is one of the five zones that the player encounters, accessible via a portal at the top center of the Dörwall Community College. Mobs such as Soldiers, Workers, Pupae and Phantoms are native to this zone.

Scattered around the zone are shrine crystals placed on pedestals. At the start of any level within the Temple Zone, the player always spawns above a shrine crystal. The level boss also always spawns above the player right after the player lands, though the shrine crystal always repels the boss before it manages to damage the player.

Throughout the level, the player must activate shrine crystals periodically to continuously stave off the boss, as the boss never takes any damage from the player's attacks. Shrine crystals can be activated by being within 5 magicmeters of them for 1.5 seconds. If the player leaves the range after activating the shrine crystal, the shrine crystal will stop giving protection after half a second.

The boss room is always placed near the bottom right of the whole level. When the player enters the boss room, all shrine crystals' boss-staving effects immediately expire, allowing the boss to start attacking the player. During this time, all shrines holding runic stones at the corners of the boss room need to be activated to imprison the boss and activate the exit portal.

The player can also instantly warp between all shrine crystals that have been activated at least once within the same level by pressing jumping (defaults to Space) while next to an activated shrine crystal. When three or more shrine crystals have been activated at least once, warping order is determined based on the order that the shrine crystals have been activated for the first time - the first newly activated shrine crystal will teleport to the second one, the second teleporting to the third, and so on. The last newly activated shrine crystal will always teleport to the first.

In addition to the above, there are invisible tripwire tiles located around the level. During entity creation, most spawned turrets and Guillotines are disabled and are incapable of dealing any damage. However, if the player makes contact with a tripwire tile, nearby turrets or Guillotines may become activated and will be able to inflict damage to the player. All tripwire tiles that are in range of a Rainbow Prism projectile's light will sparkle, indicating the tripwire position.

There are also trap rooms - three are guaranteed to appear to the right of the spawn point during the Wandlore quest. When the player goes into a trap room, barriers appear around the room, preventing the player from leaving. To break the barriers, the player needs to either hit all blue gems in the room in the correct order, or slide all blue gems into the correct sockets.

There may also be a timer in a trap room. If the timer runs out, one of the following occurs:

  • The ceiling becomes entirely covered in turrets.
  • A Flood is spawned in the center of the room, filling the whole room with water.
  • 20 Snakes are spawned, dropping down from the ceiling.
  • The floor beneath the trap room crumbles.

Zone-Specific Quests

  • Wandlore
  • Magic is the New Black
  • In Defense of The Ancients
  • Honor Thy Slipper

Zone-Specific Artifacts