Trick Bullet
Trick Bullet.png
Trick Bullet
Alchemy Properties Essence of Green + Stone of Earth
Robe Effect Boosts self-knockback distance on spellcast.
Spell Effect Ricochets towards the nearest enemy on hit.
Internal Values ID: #34

The Trick Bullet is a material, one of the first six that the player obtains. The game states that it "Has a tendency to appear at highly climactic moments. Strangely enough, does not require a trick gun."



Description: Boosts self-knockback distance on spellcast.

In Magicmaker, casting any spell inflicts the stackable Knockback status effect for 1/30th of a second for spells and 1/300th of a second for wands. The Trick Bullet further increases the duration of the status effect, causing more knockback. This effect is the opposite of the Diamond material's robe effect.

Note that the knockback duration is also increased by 100% for each 100% increase in spellpower.

Unlike spells with the Repulsor Energy material, the player will still take damage from colliding with enemies while knocked back by this effect.

  • The first Trick Bullet slotted will grant an additional +50% of Knockback Increase.
  • F Level:
Knockback Increase: +100%
  • D Level:
Knockback Increase: +150%
  • C Level:
Knockback Increase: +200%
  • B Level:
Knockback Increase: +250%
  • A Level:
Knockback Increase: +300%


Description: Ricochets towards the nearest enemy on hit.

Every time a projectile collides with an enemy, its lifetime is also increased back to max if it was below the maximum lifetime (1 second by default) except for spells and wands with the Optic Lens material. However, it also loses 20% of its damage and spellpower after every hit, regardless of material count and grade. This reduction cannot be overcome with the Chaos Butterfly material.

  • F Level:
Ricochet Hits: +1
  • D Level:
Ricochet Hits: +2
  • C Level:
Ricochet Hits: +3
  • B Level:
Ricochet Hits: +4
  • A Level:
Ricochet Hits: +5

It is usually pointless to equip more than one Grade A Trick Bullet, as the projectiles that ricochet after the fifth enemy will deal only 1 damage and have 0 spellpower.

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